A Walk From FEU-Manila to Metropolitan Theater

It’s Saturday. Together with my classmates and some of our schoolmates we met halfway outside the school.  Now, our task is to have another Long Walk on Quezon Boulevard, from Far Eastern University -Manila (FEU-Manila) to Manila Metropolitan Theater. We got a little confused at start, we thought that Quezon Boulevard differs from Quezon Avenue, but by asking some vendors and security guards, they told us it’s just the same.  Before we go to the Manila Metropolitan Theater, we’re going to pass the Quiapo / Quezon Bridge. As a part of this task, While we we’re walking we have to capture some photos of Old theaters that we’re gonna pass by.

What is a theater?

-A theater is where the people can watch live acts, dramas,  movies or any motion picture.  It is a public place for everyone who can afford to purchase tickets, but long ago some theaters offers a free movie viewing for the public. I just don’t know, if nowadays there are still theater as like that (free movie motion-viewing).  the theaters where lately give way to the birth of Cinemas or in Filipino, it is known as  “Sinehan”.

The Theaters we passed by are the:

  • Life Theater
  • Times Theater
  • Manila Metropolitan Theater

The Life Theater was designed by Pablo Antonio.  This features some aluminum buffles and columns which makes it adorable.  The Architectural Style of Life Theater is Art Deco which originated from France, Paris from 1925 until 1939. This theater was later converted into a Shopping Mall.  You can find this theater near another theater, the Times Theater at Quezon Boulevard.

The LifeTheater in Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo, Manila

The Times Theater is along the Life theater.  It is designed by Luis Z.  Araneta established on 1939.  The theater has a Art Moderne Style. Art Moderne style is the counterpart term for Art Deco  in France.

The Times Theater

The Manila Metropolitan Theater is designed by Juan Arellano and Otillio Arellano. It was established on 1931.  It is were local and foreign artists performed live. Some of the events where opera, Pageants, Spanish and English plays which were translated in Filipino during the second World War.  During 1945,  some parts of Manila Metropolitan theater were being damaged and the broken parts where squatted by some people as their home and named as “Besa Boxing Arena”. The Theater was being reconstructed and bring back to its form during 1978 by the Commission on Trade in Manila. It is also decorated by bronze sculptures which represents the female performers.  At the upper part of front facade there’s a stained glass mural created by Francesco Riccardo Monti.  Nowadays, the Metropolitan theater is like an “Abandoned Building”.  The Government doesn’t have enough support to preserve such structure.

Based on my research, the theaters in the Cities are commonly used as the place for other forms of entertainment such as “Bodabil“. Bodabil is the counterpart of “vaudeville” which is another genre or entertainment in United States.  The theaters here in Philippines rises up during 1930s to 1950s  in the big Cities like Manila, by which the trade is active.

 How can you defined “Art Deco” building? An Art Deco Structure shows up the glamorous and elegant features of a particular building and as we can see, it usually uses curves in different areas like corners, etc.

Nowadays, many historical structures and buildings are being renovated and changed it from their original forms.  But, many of these were being like “abandoned”. Our government should provide enough maintenance to preserved these structure because it has been a part of step by step growth and  development of structures here in the Philippines and it plays a big part in the History of Philippine Architecture. I thought that just that government would realized it all. Its a part of Philippine Heritage and as an Architecture Students, we will appreciate more if we and the future generations will be able to see it on actual.


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